Top 10 Best Ankle Braces of 2016

Ankle based injuries are very common in most active people. And most ankle injuries happen by overextending the Achilles tendon or rolling the ankle from side to side resulting in a sprain or torn ligament. If you are someone who is suffering from ankle injury, then it may be worth your while to look into purchasing an ankle brace.

Ankle braces are a useful support device for someone who is suffering from a compression or ligament style injury and can usually be worn while practicing a sport or out and about.

However there are a few different styles of ankle braces on the market, and the type of brace that you purchase will depend entirely upon the severity of your ankle injury.

We have created the list of our top 10 favorite ankle braces below, and a short buying guide to help you make an educated decision.

Types Of Braces

There are a few variations of ankle braces to choose from, and the one that is best suited to you will depend entirely on the severity of your injury. Here’s a quick rundown of the most common types of ankle braces on the market today.

Compression brace

Compression braces are the most common style of brace offered, and they most often come in neoprene or elastic. These lightweight materials are highly flexible and are stretchable enough to provide the ankle joint with compressive support.

Compression style braces will support your joints and your balance, without hindering your movement. These types of braces will offer you the most range of motion but may not provide you with enough support if you have a more severe injury or sprain.

Semi rigid

Semi rigid braces come in a variety of shapes and sizes. But the two most common are:

Lace up

Lace up style braces are typically used for more severe strains and can also be beneficial in preventing further ankle damage. Lace up style braces are best suited for people who are looking to minimize their side to side or rolling motion.

Lace up braces come in a wide range of styles and strapping systems. Many may use Velcro, and some may even have the option to use rigid inserts for lateral stability. Some may even feature a figure 8 style strapping system, which will allow you to tighten or loosen the brace without having to redo the laces.


Hinged braces are the second style of semi rigid brace. These types of braces are best suited to people who are looking to limit their side to side motion without sacrificing any up or down motion. Many of these braces will be heavily padded on the sides and should come with Velcro straps for simple adjustments.


The rigid style of the ankle brace will provide you with the most ankle support at the cost of decreased mobility. This style of brace is almost cast like and will typically have two hard shells that strapped to the sides of your ankle that are interwoven with Velcro straps.

These types of braces will provide heavy side-to-side support in addition to limiting your up-and-down movement. If you are someone who is suffering from a severe injury this type of brace may be worth looking into. Unfortunately, rigid braces will greatly hinder your mobility and can sometimes be difficult to fit in certain shoe types.

Best Ankle Braces

Here is a list of our top 10 favorite braces of all time.


This Compression style brace from Trilock is designed for comfort and ease of use. You can pull it on like a sock, and unlike normal compression braces that lack additional support, the Trilok has a Velcro strap that provides additional arch support and stabilization.

The Trilock is made with Ultima 2 fabric, which is thin and breathable but very sturdy. This coupled with the two Velcro straps that stabilize the mid-and hind foot area make this a solid brace for people who are looking for unobtrusive support.

The Trilok comes in 4 sizes and will fit women/mens shoe sizes from 5 all the way to size 16.

Average user review: many users liked the brace when worn on their bear skin, but people with wider feet preferred to wear a thick sock underneath the brace. The brace was also praised for its ability to aid in post-surgery recoveries and for how well it fit into people shoes. Folks also praised its design quality and ease-of-use.

ASO Ankle Stabilizer

For lace up style brace, ASO can’t be beat. This brace comes with a ballistic nylon style boot that is quite durable and provides adequate support for people suffering from moderate ankle injuries. The lateral portion features a fold-over Velcro strap design that will fit either your right or left foot evenly.

The ASL was constructed of lightweight flex material which is breathable and easy to clean. It also features a thickly padded Achilles’ heel area, which makes this an ideal brace for people who are looking to minimize their up/down heel movement.

One thing I liked about the ASO is that it comes in two colors: black or white. This is useful for people who don’t where white socks all the time.

Where the ASO really shines is in its size offerings: you’ll get a selection of over eight different sizes, which runs the gamut from very narrow to the very wide.

Average user review: most people like the fact that for a lace up brace, ASO is fairly easy to use. This is mostly due to the fact that it only features 6 eyelets instead of traditional nine that are found on most lace up style braces.

Many folks commented that the brace struck an excellent balance between a simple compression style brace and a more heavy duty lace up or rigid one. It was firm and supportive without reducing foot circulation.

Bracoo Neoprene

When it comes to value for the money, the Bracoo has its competitors beat. This lightweight and inexpensive brace features an open heeled design and is made with industry standard breathable neoprene.

The Bracoo also comes with a figure 8 style strap, although it does not wrap all the way around the heel. Still, this is unusual for a budget ankle brace and it’s nice to see that Bracoo has included it here.

For sizing, Bracoo has opted to go with a one-size-fits-all approach. This is understandable given the products low price.

Average user review: people found the Bracoo to be an adequate replacement for most light-duty style ankle braces and tape. Most users commented on its superiority to store bought varieties and liked the braces low-profile and how easy it was to conceal. People felt that the materials used in its construction were very soft and supple and did not irritate the skin.

Some users with larger feet found the Bracoo to be a little on the small side.

McDavid Classic

The McDavid classic is a quality ankle brace from one of the leading manufacturers in support technology. This is a lace up style brace that provides heavy duty support but is also very lightweight.

This is another brace that features McDavid’s EeonT technology, which is basically a proprietary fabric mix that is highly breathable, especially considering the fact that the brace has two layers of fabric over it.

The support is also top-notch: you’ll get a spring style strap and a ventilated heel support.

The McDavid classic of course will fit either the left or right foot, and comes in sizes extra small all the way to extra-large. This should fit most people’s feet unless they are very wide or very narrow.

Average user review: people said that for a laced support brace, the McDavid did a great job of keeping their ankles straight without causing a loss of circulation. People encountered some chafing, but only when the brace was worn very tightly.

Common consensus was that although it lacks arch support, the brace is padded enough that it does not need it.

Kuunto Compression Support Sleeve

As far as aesthetics are concerned, the Kuunto certainly stands out. With its colorful blue and orange pattern the Kuunto resembles a sock or stocking, as oppose to an ankle brace.

The Kuunto is a solid compression brace that is exceptionally pliable and provides decent all-around support. The brace provides adequate ankle support that does not limit your mobility.

Unlike most other compression braces, the Kuunto is not made of neoprene. This may be a consideration for someone who is allergic to such materials.

Average user review: most people agree that the brace offered enough support to guard against ankle rolls, and fit really well/was not too tight or binding. People also liked how the sleeve looked, and felt that the pattern stood out enough for people to give them compliments on.

Cramer T2

The Cramer T2 is a rigid ankle brace that provides a high level of lateral ankle support. Although it is not the most concealable brace, it is very lightweight and contoured to fit pretty much any size ankle.

The T2 allows for full bilateral up and down ankle motion so you won’t have to be hindered in that regard. It does however require a bit of a break in, as it is quite stiff when you first put it on.

The brace is also adjustable for both high and low top style shoes, and comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large.

Average user review: people felt that the T2’s were very light yet firm and comfortable considering their large bulky size. They did however require a bit of a break in., which most people are used to with ankle braces. (This is not unusual considering it is a rigid style ankle brace and is geared towards providing maximum support). Also, most people felt that the sizes ran a little small.

Aircast SP

The Aircast SP is a heavy-duty product that is best suited to people with very serious ankle injuriesIf you are suffering from severe ankle sprains, fractures, or planner fasciitis, this brace is for you.

The brace is designed to provide pneumatic support and a low rocker sole that is supposed to help stimulate natural foot movement. This brace also has an air pump system that allows you to customize the level of tension placed upon your ankle joint at any time.

The cast comes in small, medium, large and even kid sizes. There is also an extra thick padded version specifically tailored for at risk diabetics, which is a nice touch.

User review: most people praised the boots comfort and its adjustability. They also like the fact that it was very easy to put on and take off, despite its large size.

Moxie Compression Sleeve

If you’re on a budget and looking for a solid ankle brace, the Moxie should suit you just fine. The Moxie compression sleeve features proprietary technology that is supposed to help improve blood circulation in the feet and legs. It also is treated with an anti-odor compound and is machine washable.

The Moxie will fit shoes from size 3 all the way to 16.

Average user review: People were happy with the sleeves performance, especially when considering its low price.

Some people found it to be really tight and did not recommend wearing it all day long. Others commented that they did not last very long and developed holes after only a few months of use.

Shock Doctor Ultra Wrap

The shock doctor is a lace up style brace with a lot of added straps for extra stability. The price provides lateral and medial support but is a little on the bulky side. You’ll get a multidirectional adjustable strap, low-profile loops, and a soft silicone foot bed that will reduce chaffing.

This is another brace that comes in black and white.

Average user review: many people praise the braces ability to be worn for long periods of time without causing discomfort, which is quite unusual for larger race ankle braces. People with larger feet however, ordered some blistering on the back and ankle area after prolonged use. Users with extra-large you may want to avoid this one.

MedSpec Speed Lacer

The Speed Lacer is a stirrup shaped lace up brace that is made out of very tough ballistic nylon. It has a low profile and comes with a figure 8 style strap for added support.

The brace comes in five different sizes, which should fit a wide variety of different shoe sizes. This is also a good brace for people with very wide or narrow feet, as it seems to be slightly more adjustable than your average lace up brace.

Average user review: the Lacer garnered good reviews, especially were usability was concerned. People felt that it was easily concealable and very comfortable, and the brace was compared too many different more expensive products which it beat out every time.


As always we recommend that you consult your physician first before making any purchases. This will ensure that you get the best ankle brace to suit your particular injury.

Many people with ailments such as planner fascist situs, tendon tears, or sprains will benefit from a good ankle brace. Hopefully with the products on this list, you will a found one that best suits your needs.

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