Use These 5 Stretches To Fix Rounded Shoulders

Rounded shoulders are a posture problem that that plagues many people. And people with rolled over shoulders may sometimes have other posture issues, such as bad forward head posture or an anterior pelvic tilt. Unfortunately however, out of all of the posture abnormalities rolled shoulders is easily the most noticeable.

People with rounded shoulders will often have a hunched, rolled over appearance to their shoulders, and their entire body will generally be curled forward like a giant leaf. This is obviously not the most aesthetically pleasing way for the body to look.

But the good news is that this condition is easily fixable and can also be easily prevented with the right habits in place.

Keep reading for a detailed guide on how to go about fixing this posture abnormality in the causes and preventions of it.

What causes rounded shoulders?

Rounded shoulders can be caused by a few different things. But by far the 3 most common are:

Incorrect bodybuilding

Improper training of certain parts of the body can often times cause a rolled shoulder look. Many people do bicep curls and bench presses but fail to work out the muscles in their back. Over time this will lead to the muscles in the front of your body pulling your shoulders forward, which will cause a hunched and rolled over appearance.

Poor upper body posture

Poor upper body posture is generally caused by sitting for long periods of time hunched over a desk. Generally people who have office jobs will spend eight hours or more in this position and their bodies will become accustomed to this forward, slouched over position.


Kyphosis is a spinal disorder where the spine becomes rounded. Kyphosis is generally caused by a genetic disorder of the bones. Most people with kyphosis will have other family members who have the disorder. Many people with kyphosis suffer from prolonged chronic back pain.

Since people with kyphosis have a rounded spine that causes their back to curve inward, rounded shoulders are often times a side effect from this.

Tips To Fix Rounded Shoulders

To start, focusing on maintaining good posture while you’re at your desk or purchasing an ergonomic chair can be highly beneficial to your posture.

However, there are also some exercises you can do to help strengthen your upper back muscles. Strengthening your upper back muscles will make it much easier to prevent a re occurrence of this abnormality in the future.

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Further Reading

Using the exercises in this guide should get you well on your way to a better posture. You may also want to consider purchasing an upper back brace to act as a daily reminder to keep your body straight. Posture correctors, for instance, are shoulder braces that wear around your upper back which can help reposition the shoulders. Take a look at our guide here to find out more.

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